Public API


The public APIs are located at the following URL:

If you do a GET request to this endpoint, you'll receive a JSON response with information about the available APIs:

    "_message": "Welcome to the Devos Public API. For more information about this API, please see the attached URL.",
    "_url": "",
    "apis": [
            "description": "Retrieve information about Norwegian postal codes, municipalities, counties and cities.",
            "name": "Postal Code API (Norway)",
            "path": "/postal-codes"

Rate limiting

All public API endpoints are rate limited to 5 requests per 10 seconds per IP address. Authenticated requests are not rate limited, but this is not available to the public as of now.


There is currently no authorization needed for the public APIs. This may change in the future, and we suggest you sign up for our public API newsletter using the form below to stay informed about changes to the API.

Public API

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